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Personalize your new home with these simple and affordable DIY projects:

  1. Customized Welcome Mat: Stencil and paint a plain coir mat with a personalized message.

Materials: Coir mat, stencils, outdoor paint, brushes

  1. Floating Shelves: Install shelves to display decor. Paint or stain to match your style.

Materials: Shelves, paint/stain, brackets, screws

  1. Accent Wall with Removable Wallpaper: Add color and pattern with easy-to-remove wallpaper.

Materials: Removable wallpaper, tape, utility knife, squeegee

  1. DIY Headboard: Create a custom headboard using wood or fabric.

Materials: Wood/fabric, foam, staple gun, mounting hardware

  1. Kitchen Chalkboard Wall: Paint a kitchen wall with chalkboard paint for lists and doodles.

Materials: Chalkboard paint, tape, brush/roller, chalk

  1. Gallery Wall: Showcase photos and art with a mix of frame sizes and styles.

Materials: Frames, photos/art, nails/hanging strips, level

  1. DIY Plant Hangers: Craft macramé or fabric plant hangers for a touch of greenery.

Materials: Cord/rope/fabric, potted plants, scissors, hooks

  1. Painted Furniture: Refresh old furniture with a new coat of paint.

Materials: Sandpaper, primer, paint, brushes/rollers

These projects will help you create a cozy, personalized space in your new home. Enjoy decorating!